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The youth out of the pretty girl: banana clip x fresh meatball head step1: Masson tied high, the hair to the pack around a Masson small hole.Step2: the banana clip in human hair extensions through the hole after the clamp is fixed, and pay special attention to the clip to the end of the tail, so the ball head is fixed.Step3: the left and right side of the ball head light from Marathon, the empty side is the air, and then black clip can be fixed.Irresistible Masson Goddess: banana clip x lively high Masson step1: first use the flashlight rolls out lively waves roll in the tail involution.Step 1: first hair comb smooth and supple, the top area of the hair comb hair comb comb fringe play, smooth.Step 2: the bangs combed back with small hairpin fixed fluffy effect, the remaining fly hair extensions tied into a towering ponytail.Step 3: choose a sponge ring through the circle braids Mawei.Step 4: inverted wrapped braids Mawei circle, fixed in the hair with a rubber band. Step 5: will be divided into two parts scattered on both sides of the cosplay wigs hair, and then were divided into two parts: 6. Step. After rotating the two locks around the head of the root of this flower bud head hair fashion hairstyle fresh is complete. Korean girls are cosplay wigs Coloring 4 this quite a personalized fashion color gradient color, the use of decorative design and the blue black cosplay wigs hair color is not only a very stylish and sexy, collocation hat after natural temperament.Korean girls are Hair Coloring 5 a stylish cosplay wigs hair perm hair, hair perm collocation temperament hat after outline chic fashion, fashion and design not only the whole appearance of the perfect outline of fashion.In the design of long curly hair style Korean girls fashion fly hair extensions Hair Coloring 6 Fashion temperament, flaxen hair color and temperament in the long curly hair outline chic fashion, design and other sweet air bangs to create a unique sense of fashion.Happy today, everyone! I hope you’ve all had a good week!I’m excited that the weather is starting to cool down! (Texas, y’all LOL)I wanted to go ahead and share another Rosalina photo! I realized that I haven’t shared NEARLY enough!