UNI-SET coordinates input to SET-Plan consultative process

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UNI-SET has coordinated the response of the European Platform of Universities in Energy Research & Education (EUA-EPUE) to the consultative process launched by the European Commission on the European Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET-Plan), providing the perspective of the university community on the Key Actions outlined in the SET-Plan Communication of September 2015 (C(2015)6317).

EUA-EPUE reacted to the consultations launched on Key Action 5 “Develop new materials and technologies for, and the market uptake of, energy efficiency solutions for buildings” and Key Action 6 “Continue efforts to make EU industry less energy intensive and more competitive”. Two expert group input papers were submitted to the European Commission on behalf of EUA-EPUE. The input papers can be found on the SETIS website.

Subsequently, EUA-EPUE shared the input in two stakeholders meetings on 17 February (Key action 6) and 19 February 2016 (Key action 5). The objective was to actively contribute to fine-tuning R&I targets, actions and indicators for a Declaration of Intent with the SET-Plan Steering Group. The outcomes will ultimately lead to recommendations for R&I activities and policy measures at European, national and regional levels.

EUA-EPUE responded to the consultations on Key actions 1 and 2 "Being n°1 in renewables" in November 2015, with input papers on Photovoltaics, Solar Thermal Electricity and Offshore wind (also available on the SETIS website).  

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