The UNI-SET Employers Survey

The UNI-SET Employers Survey will address employers in the energy sector and aims to identify the skills and professional profiles of graduates needed in the energy field. The survey covers both technical and non-technical skills required from the current and future professionals.

The survey is scheduled to run until December 2015. It is coordinated by KU Leuven and was designed in cooperation with the five universities of the Third Party Consortium.

In parallel to the implementation of the UNI-SET Employers Survey, KU Leuven and the universities in the Third Party Consortium are all organising workshops to discuss the needs of the energy sector with representatives from industry and academia.

Why should your organisation or company participate?

Participation in the ‘UNI-SET Employers Survey’ is an opportunity for organisations dealing with energy challenges in Europe to:

  • Get involved in defining the future professional profiles required to meet the 2030 goals of the SET-Plan;
  • Contribute to improve the Master and Doctorate educational programmes to better meet the future profile requirements of the European energy labour market;
  • Stimulate cross-national Master, Doctorate and Research programmes, and to foster multidisciplinary profiles;
  • Identify required trainings for current staff to meet the future challenges in the energy sector;
  • Foster the integration of education, research and business/innovation activities.
How can your organisation or company participate?

Employers and businesses in the six centres of KIC InnoEnergy will be invited to participate. Other interested parties can contact the UNI-SET team in their regional KIC InnoEnergy centre to receive their invitation.


Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you wish to participate in the UNI-SET Employers Survey or if you have any questions or remarks.