The UNI-SET Universities Survey

Mapping University Research & Education Activities in Energy

The UNI-SET Universities Survey was launched on 7 April 2015, aiming to provide a European-wide mapping of university-based research and education activities in the energy field. It seeks also to identify opportunities for universities to engage in new research projects that tackle energy-related challenges and to foster the creation of new Master programmes according to the evolution of knowledge and technologies for better employability of university graduates. The UNI-SET Universities Survey is designed and coordinated by EUA.

Universities across Europe are encouraged to participate in the survey and contribute to pooling the collective resources and knowledge available in European universities. As energy is a very broad issue and cuts across many disciplines, information is welcome from all scientific fields, from Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics to Bioengineering, Life Sciences and Medicine, and from Economics to Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts.

By taking part in this new survey, universities will become part of the EUA-EPUE Platform and will be invited to participate in its future activities and events.

After a successful first phase until 31 July 2015, a second phase was launched in mid-September 2015 which will be open until 15 December 2015.

Go to to access the survey.

Why should universities participate?

Participation in the ‘UNI-SET Universities Survey’ is a unique opportunity for universities to:

  • Have their energy-related Master, Doctorate and Research Programmes clearly displayed on up-to-date and interactive online maps;
  • Attract potential students and researchers;
  • Identify, and be identified by, other universities and stakeholders (business, research organisations, etc.) to find expertise and opportunities for research and education collaboration;
  • Identify opportunities to create multidisciplinary teams;
  • Have a central point of information on their institution’s energy-related activities;
  • Strengthen the voice of Europe’s universities in the energy field to attract more funding opportunities and to advocate universities’ roles in tackling the energy challenge;
  • Participate in the UNI-SET Energy Clustering Eventswhich will take place during 2016 and 2017 across Europe;
  • Be part of an exceptional project of strategic relevance for the university sector.

The intention is to consolidate the UNI-SET Universities Survey as a permanent tool useful to universities, so as to keep a central point of information on the energy-related activities of their institutions, and to have the opportunity of making their activities visible.

How can universities participate?

Participant universities should appoint a person who can act as the institutional coordinator of the university’s response. The coordinator can access the survey at and register the ‘Main account’ for the university.

As several faculties and departments may need to be contacted to provide an overview of the university’s capacity in the field, a system of decentralised ‘Sub Accounts’ has been designed to facilitate the task of the coordinator. Sub Account users can fill in the survey questions with the information they have available (e.g. at department level).


Please contact Lennart Stoy at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for inquiries on the survey.